Off to London for the Book Launch

So this is it - the gut wrenching moment when I have to stand up and wave the English version of my baby off into the London world of savage reviews and harsh critics.   We've planned a party at Foyles with lots of wine and Marks and Spencers nibbles and jazz musicians and hope lots of friends and book-loving folk will turn up.  No speeches, no boring bits, just fun and the hope that someone (or two) will buy a book.  Neil is organising the music and the bar and two of my daughters and a friend are doing the food, so it's a family affair.  I get incredibly nervous about these things - will anyone come?  will there be enough wine?  will they all enjoy themselves?  All the usual worries of the party-giver.
But I'm determined to celebrate - this book took me ten years from the proposal to the finished product and five solid years of writing and research.  It's taken a big chunk of my life.  So I will be cracking open the bubbly and saying a big thank you to all those who helped me along the way!
I'll be putting some photos up here at the weekend, once I'm safely back in Appleby.


  1. I hope you enjoy yourself, and that you sell quite a few books!

  2. Sorry that my timing is such I've just left London for the sunshine, or I'd have been delighted to turn up and root for you and the book!

  3. Oh I would have been there with bells on if I could. Your book deserves a bloody good party and I know it will get one, and excellent reviews. It's on my list of the five best books from 2010 and I will say that on Thursday on National Radio (NZ). GOOD LUCK.

  4. All the best with it!
    It's a wonderful book.
    And no matter how hard you find facing this type of event you will do a fabulous job!

  5. Thanks for all your support! It was a lovely evening and I did sell many, many more books than I'd expected.


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