How Writing Changes the Writer

Writing changes writers psychologically, but also physically.  Years of thumping old typewriters and peering at computer screens take their toll. 'They are printed on my bones'.  Physiotherapists call it 'writers' syndrome'.

A Writer's Talismans

Kathleen Jones talks on film about the gift of the Katherine Mansfield brooch and its role in her biography of Mansfield. 

Katherine Mansfield's 'Little eye'.

Location and the Writer

I've been wandering around on the Caldbeck fells with a microphone, revisiting the  Lake District farm where I grew up.  The result is on the Royal Literary Fund website  on this  link

Catherine Cookson - Child of the Tyne

There's been a revival of interest in Catherine Cookson - this is me talking about Catherine's life on RNIB Radio.

My Reading Habits

The books I'm embarrassed to possess - the books I'll never read - I'm confessing my addictions on the RLF's Vox Series

Click on this link:  My Reading Habits 


Listen  to poetry from 'Not Saying Goodbye at Gate 21' and 'Mapping Emily' on Soundcloud

Kathleen Jones on Soundcloud

Click on this link.

The Poetry of Place - Royal Literary Fund Vox series

Kathleen Jones talks to Frances Byrnes about the mythic relationships between people and their landscapes in her writing — be it a disturbing poem set in her now-abandoned childhood Cumbrian fell home, or fierce non-fiction about the Haida Gwaii islands. 
Click on this link.

Katherine Mansfield: The Storyteller

Kathleen Jones talking to Angela Locke about Katherine Mansfield: The Storyteller, at Words by the Water Festival. 

Catherine Cookson:  The Biography

Kathleen Jones on YouTube talking  to Carole Malia about her search for Catherine Cookson's father.

BBC Interview

Part 1 of a BBC documentary. 'Finding Catherine Cookson's Da'.

Part 2 of Finding Catherine Cookson's Da

The Centauress

A review of The Centauress by US author Joni Rodgers


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