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New Year Poem: Hunters by Pauline Yarwood

Tuesday Poem: Winter Light

Tuesday Poem: Two Spells for Sleeping by Michael Donaghy

The Leaving of Italy

The Red Beach Hut by Lynn Michell

Tuesday Poem: Ode to Twining by Katie Hale

Tuesday Poem - Her Kind by Anne Sexton

The Bureaucracy of Chaos

Tuesday Poem: Teacher Man - by Steve Ely

Margaret Atwood and the Frankfurt Peace Prize

Traditional Gaelic Air: Chi mi na Morbheanna

National Poetry Day: Against Hate, by Pippa Little

Tuesday Poem: Uses of the Body as a Source for Allegory and Metaphor - Roy Marshall

The Writer's Enemy No. 1

Tuesday Poem: Put-downs by Pauline Yarwood

Sunday Book: The Great Derangement by Amitav Ghosh