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Seasonal wishes to all of you

Tuesday Poem: Solstice Sunset

Indian Summer in Italy

Santa Lucia in Italy

Writing from Silence

A Tale of Travelling Cat-Food

Stan Tracey - Jazz Legend and Composer

Italian, reduced sugar, three fruit marmalade

Tuesday Poem: Norman Nicholson - Wall

Red Sky at Night

Not Saying Goodbye at Viareggio - again.....

Tuesday Poem: Sabotage by Shirley Wright

Mount Corchia in Winter

Despatches from Storm-battered Italy

The Tuesday Poem: The Alchemist's Book of Birds from 'Drifting'

Back in Italy at last . . .

Leaving Again

Frosty November Morning

Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?: My Life as a Man by Kathleen Jones

Planning a Book Launch

Tuesday Poem: For Fathers of Girls by Stephen Dunn

Autumn on the River

Tuesday Poem: If You Are Lucky, by Michelle McGrane

Worrying times for digital authors

The long drive home

Nobel Prize for Literature goes to Alice Munro