Santa Lucia in Italy

Yesterday was the feast of Santa Lucia - celebrating the return of the sun's light to the earth as the world begins to spin towards spring. December the 13th is the Winter Solstice in the old Julian Calendar.  It's a very important day in the northern hemisphere, but it loses importance the further south you go.  It's a festival that pre-dates Christianity and certainly has a very pagan feel. This year I was invited to join the fun, decked out with candles and a bed-sheet!

We began singing in the marble studios, then walked up the streets

calling in at hotels and bars

and finally into the piazza, candles almost burnt out!

Lots of fun with Norwegian sculptor Julia Vance.

ps  - we had to sing it in Norwegian! And it's h**** getting the wax out of your hair afterwards.....
If you would like to hear the hymn to Santa Lucia please click here.


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