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Mid-Winter Celebrations and Patrick Kavanagh

I'm shutting down now until the New Year. Christmas/Winter Solstice should be a time of celebration and renewal, but I don't think I've ever experienced a time of such uncertainty and anxiety. Stay safe everyone.  I hope you all have a warm roof over your heads and enough food to eat. I'm going to spend time with a family I love and take comfort in the fact that the world is also beautiful and magical.  Places like this one, on Haida Gwaii, still exist somewhere beyond all the ugliness we're confronted with on the news and in other media.

One of the Christmas poems I love best is by Patrick Kavanagh - A Christmas Childhood. It brings back memories of my own childhood on a small farm among the wild bogs in the Cumbrian fells.  I had forgotten how good Kavanagh's poem was until someone recently shared it on Facebook. Thank you to that person for reminding me!  I'm sharing it here. 

One side of the potato-pits was white with frost –
How wonderful that was, ho…

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