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An Old Man and a Young Girl

It’s Davos 2020. A posh ski resort where the politicians and CEOs show up and try to pretend they’re concerned about the planet. But the carbon footprint they’ve made just getting there tells a different story.This year they’ve been given free snowshoes in the hope that they’ll walk between the venues. Perhaps Trump will give it a go?After all he’s just said that “I’m a big believer in the environment. The environment to me is very important.” But he followed it up with a disclaimer. Don’t pay any attention to the doom-and-gloom sayers, he added. It’s all fake news. Apparently, everything is just fine.

In spite of the hopeless task of convincing neo-liberal capitalists they have to give it all up, some important speeches are being made. Already the major figures in the climate change debate are making their voices heard – particularly David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg. “The moment of crisis has come,” Attenborough said, unambiguously, a few days ago. Thunberg reminded the politic…

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