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Tuesday Poem: Moya Cannon - Carrying the Songs

"Those in Power write the histories;  those who Suffer write the songs"

Listen to Moya Cannon talking about the importance of song and reading her own poem.

Carrying the Songs

My favourite poem of Moya's is 'Night' from her collection The Parchment Boat, which begins:

Coming back from Cloghane
in the sudden frost
of a November night,
I was ambushed
by the river of stars.

Disarmed by lit skies
I had utterly fogotten
this arc of darkness,
this black night
where frost-hammered stars
were notes thrown from a chanter,
crans of light.

You can read the whole poem on this link: 

Moya Cannon is one of Ireland's leading poets, with five published collections - most recently by Carcanet, and her work is a joy to read.

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