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This Never-ending Summer

Here in the north we're not used to it.  'Four seasons in one day', the saying goes and it's usually true.  But this year . . .   I can go out without taking a coat or an umbrella. I can wear clothes suitable for a Mediterranean holiday.  We plan picnics and barbecues without bothering to have a Plan B.  And the summer goes on and on and on.

My writing room is in the roof under the slates, with two big skylights.  It's been like Death Valley by mid-day even with a fan.  Hot air stirred is still hot.  I'm trying to edit a book, but it's not going well. The collection of stories I'm working on is set in Italy, so I should feel quite at home! This collection is quite tricky because the 12 stories aren't quite stand-alone - the sub-title is '12 people, 12 stories, a year in the life of a small Italian town'.  There are 12 main characters and the action takes place in the Piazza across 12 months.  They each have their own story, but they also wa…

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