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Kathleen Raine: The Poetry Stones of Ullswater

I've just been exploring the shores of Ullswater for a workshop I'm running in September, which involves Winifred Nicholson's paintings and the work of Kathleen Raine and Norman Nicholson.  The walk I've just been trying out is part of the Ullswater Way which stretches around the whole of the lake, though I was just doing a small part of it.

It was a typical Lake District day - cloudy, occasional sun breaking through the clouds, and a stiff breeze blowing up white caps on the water. It was a little damp, but not actually raining. We walked through the woods and had a picnic on one of the rocky promontories. Helvellyn drifted in and out of view.  Bliss!

During the war Kathleen Raine lived in the remote hamlet of Martindale in the hills above Ullwater.  It's not easy to get to and the Old Vicarage she lived in still has no road to the door; you have to walk across a field to get to it.  It's a short walk from her house to Sandwick on the shores of Ullswater and,…

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