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I would like to declare a Climate Emergency

I have decided to declare a Climate Emergency and join the growing movement worldwide to try to effect change by individual action and public activism.   Why?

We have reached a crisis point.  There are now more than 405 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - the last time anything like this was recorded the earth was an uninhabitable boiler house.  The years 2015 to 2018 were the warmest on record. Arctic and Antarctic ice is retreating at unprecedented rates, releasing yet more methane into the atmosphere.  60% of the species on earth have disappeared since I was born.

The weather is terrifying. Let's just look at some of the recent events - the last 12 months.

*  In 2018 Some 35 million people were hit by floods.

*  Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael were just two of 14 "billion dollar disasters" in 2018 in the US. *  Super Typhoon Mangkhut affected 2.4 million people in and killed 134, mainly in the Philippines. *  More than 1,600 deaths were linke…

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