About Me

Kathleen Jones was born and brought up on a hill farm in Cumbria and now lives on the edge of the Lake District. She has been writing since she was a child and has published seventeen books including nine biographies, two novels and four collections of poetry. She lived for several years in Africa and the Middle East, where she worked for the Qatar Broadcasting Corporation. Since then she has written extensively for BBC radio and contributed to several television documentaries. Her poetry appears regularly in poetry magazines and anthologies in the UK, North America and New Zealand.

Kathleen was appointed as a Royal Literary Fund Fellow in 2007 and is currently also a Fellow of the English Society. Her two most recent biographies are ‘Katherine Mansfield: The Storyteller’ (published by Penguin NZ and Edinburgh University Press) and ‘Norman Nicholson: The Whispering Poet’, (published in 2013 by The Book Mill).

‘Mapping Emily’ won the Iota Shots pamphlet award in 2017 and is published by Templar Poetry. A collection of poetry that began on the remote Pacific islands of Haida Gwaii, ‘The Rainmaker’s Wife’,  was published by Indigo Dreams in September 2017. 


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