What Reviewers have said about Kathleen Jones’ fiction

I found the Sun’s Companion an engrossing read, hard to put down. If you like to “disappear” into the world of a book you’ll find this a satisfying read.’ Linda Gillard, author of ‘Cauldstane’ and ‘House of Silence’

Poet and biographer Kathleen Jones’ move into fiction should be celebrated by readers and writers alike.’ Best-selling novelist Wendy Robertson

Utterly gripping and I didn’t want it to end.’Debbie Bennett 

It kept me reading long after I should have turned off the bedside light!’ Amazon Review 

‘This is an extremely well-written book, and exceptionally enjoyable. It’s difficult to put it down once started.’ The Kindle Book Review 

The Centauress, The Book Mill

Bereaved biographer Alex Forbes goes to war-ravaged Croatia to research the life of celebrity artist Zenobia de Braganza and finds herself at the centre of a family conflict over a disputed inheritance. At the Kaštela Visoko Alex uncovers a mutilated photograph, stolen letters and a story of indeterminate gender, passion and betrayal. But can she believe what she is being told? In order to discover the truth about Zenobia, Alex travels to Istria, Venice, New York and London and, in working through the narrative of Zenobia’s life, Alex begins to make sense of her own and finds joy and love in a new relationship.

Read the review by Italian novelist Mari Biella


The Sun’s Companion, The Book Mill

It's 1935. Tamar Fell has no family - or so she's been told - and she relies on the friends she makes as she's dragged from lodging house to lodging house by her mother - the reckless, beautiful Sadie. Then Tamar meets Anna Weissmann, exiled from her own family by European politics, and they forge a friendship that will last through bereavement, failed love affairs, internment, betrayal, and the dislocations of war.

Finalist in the Historical Novelist’s Society awards


Three and Other Stories, The Book Mill

In the title story, Three, a young artist gets a job as assistant to the renowned sculptor Val Mae, living with him and his ageing wife at their villa in Tuscany. Sexual and artistic tensions soon begin to affect their triangular relationship..

Living with the Dead is the story of a young girl who grows up in a funeral parlour in the American mid-west. Her life seems to be going nowhere until she falls in love with a totally unsuitable boy.

Glass is narrated by a lonely single mother who goes to evening classes in order to meet a member of the opposite sex, and is invited out by a friendly middle-aged man.


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