Back in Italy at last . . .

We're finally back in Italy after a long and tedious journey south in heavy traffic and bad weather.  November is later than we usually travel and at times we had to scrape ice off the car, found snow in the Vosges mountains of France, but mainly rain, rain, rain.   After negotiating three road closures and passing four accidents, we were very glad to get through the St Gothard tunnel and see Italian road signs.  The alps - invisible under cloud from the Swiss side, were perfectly visible and the sun was peering through a thin mask.

Soon we could see the serrated edges of the Alpi Apuane against the sky, just as it was beginning to get dark, and we knew we were nearly home.  From a distance, they look like a row of teeth and I often wonder how they would have looked before human beings began to chip the marble from their summits and ridges. According to many, the destruction of the Apuan Alps is one of the 'greatest environmental disasters in Europe' and there's going to be a protest walk on Sunday which I'd love to take part in.

We fell into bed last night barely able to talk. This morning I've unpacked the boxes from the car and re-stocked the fridge and tried to get mind and body together enough to think about starting work again.  Travelling is absolutely exhausting!!!!


  1. What is it 1500km?
    Like a run from here to Melbourne, only adding a ferry trip and a lot more traffic.
    Exhausting is the word!

  2. More like 1500 miles Al! The channel crossing just adds lot more time and hassle.


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