Lots of People Came

The book
Despite all my worries - lots of people turned up to the book launch at Foyles.  Friends, friends of friends, family, publishers, agents, members of the Katherine Mansfield Society, and a few people I didn't know at all!   My friend, novelist Wendy Robertson, came all the way from Newcastle for the party, but somehow managed to avoid the photographer - she is somewhere in the group below.

I hadn't been well beforehand and wondered whether I would have the energy for the evening, but after spending the morning in bed, I managed to stay awake. Several cancellations due to flu and didn't know whether my agent, Isobel, would be able to come until the last moment.

Isobel Dixon, Neil and a very stressed Kathleen
 My publisher, Jackie Jones of Edinburgh University Press came all the way from Edinburgh.

Jackie Jones (right)
Family and friends rallied round and the catering was in capable hands.

Ian, Jean, Peta and Phil
  The bar staff were a little on the young side ......

The music was great - beautiful modern jazz played by John Horler (piano) and Art Themen (sax).

Best-selling author Jacqueline Wilson came and was mobbed by fans.

Relatives of the cast of characters in the biography also came - nephews, neices and grandchildren.

Oliver Trowell and Janine Renshaw-Beauchamp (far right) with members of the KMS
 Also one or two unexpected celebrities.   Diana Dors' son Jason Lake gave an impromptu performance on the piano.

We had a creche in the corner and afterwards the babies went to sleep in the coat cupboard!

Later, exhausted and hungry, a few of us went out for a pizza.

Many, many thanks to everyone who came and made the evening special!

Photographs by Neil Ferber, Caroline Forbes and an Italian waiter.


  1. What a wonderful opening... congratulations!

  2. What a relief it all went off so well.
    Now you can fall in a heap.

  3. Looks like a wonderful opening, hope you survived.

  4. Super, super - very original - event. You were great. The music was cool with robust edges. Debora and I had a wonderful time and were full of admiration. It's on my blog too! Take a peep. wxxx

  5. Just spotted this post Kathleen - v. cool indeed. May it sell well and win awards.

  6. The English edition looks wonderful. Love the cover portrait of KM.


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