Christmas in Italy

In England in winter, what I miss most is colour - the landscape seems to be leached by cold and rain to a dull, muddy, sepia.  Not so here - where the buildings are picked out in every shade of ochre and rose, the olive trees are still a silvery green, and the sun sets in the sea every night in a spectacular light show.  This was the solstice sunset last night.

The weekly markets too, are gaining in colour towards Christmas.  the Italian have a sense of style in their shop windows and even their stalls.  Not much sign of the Italian economy slowing down here.

I'm signing off for christmas now - to be spent with a group of friends - Israeli, Italian and Danish, a real mix of customs.  And I've managed, despite an oven that probably knew Julius Caesar, to cook an English Christmas cake (and even ice it in a wobbly way!) to take with us.

Auguri a tutti!  Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year, whatever and however you celebrate. Particular thoughts to Christchurch New Zealand, where there has been yet another big quake.  Daughter, husband and two little boys, were fortunately at home safe and not shopping at the time.  Hope everyone else is safe too.


  1. Light is a big part of what makes Oz landscapes so striking. I've not been to Italy, I must remedy that some year.

    Just to be sure Merry Christmas again! Have a nice time with the Primate and your friends.


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