Autumn in Italy

So here I am again in the little house in the olive grove.  Despite the fact that it's the 1st December the weather is mild, with hazy sunshine - warm enough to eat lunch outside.  Coming straight from a northern British winter it seems strange to step back a season.  It's autumn here.   The chestnut trees are turning a lovely golden colour and the leaves are dropping. 

In the Pietrasanta Piazza they're putting up the Christmas tree.

And the Pri-mate is back from Cambodia, bringing a hammock in his luggage, which he's strung between the two trees on our terrace.  It will be lovely in the summer - but not too bad even now.  Just the thing for hanging about doing a bit of scribbling, though I might want it higher off the ground!

For me it's back to work - two guest blogs to write before Monday, the illustration permissions to sort out for the Japanese edition of Katherine Mansfield, and a proposal to write for the New Project - all will be revealed soon.


  1. Such a beautiful place can only be inspirational. wx

  2. Beautiful. I remember that beautiful shawl you bought in Pietrasanta. Do you still wear it? And how on earth is the Cinque Terre faring? PS - nice hammock, esp as it looks like one doesn't have to climb onto it, but rather fold oneself into it!

  3. I suspect it is traditional to hang a hammock a little higher.

  4. What beautiful photos. I can only imagine the views in person...sigh!


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