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My workload has been substantial recently and lots of things (some good some not) happening in the personal sphere as well, so this blog isn't getting the TLC it usually gets. But hopefully the fog will lift and there will be fair weather ahead!   Meanwhile, I'm blogging over at Authors Electric about the new genre of Eco-writing, with a few bookish suggestions.

Eco-writing:  Kathleen Jones looks at a new genre

Eco-writing is the new buzz-word, an exciting genre for the times we live in when the word 'endangered' seems to turn up in every media article.  But what is it exactly?

Field-work - photo Harriet Fraser
If you go on the internet and search for a definition it will probably tell you that it's what used to be called ‘nature writing’, ( as in Gilbert White),  except that it has broadened out and now embraces a huge field of ecological, environmental and biological material.  But it isn't just scientific observation, it's a vast body of literature, non-fiction, fiction and poetry, that deals with human engagement with the landscape, flora and fauna of the natural world. It is often very personal, narrating one human being’s relationship with it. Eco-literature is a very popular genre at the moment . . . "    Read More  


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