The Wordsworth Bookshop - a great independent!

What would we do without independent bookshops?  Most of them are wonderful - crammed with books you won't find anywhere else, with comfortable nooks and crannies you can browse in and even coffee and cakes to consume while you read the stock. Many of them also run excellent author events, and I always look forward to these, because the owners are usually passionate about books.

Last night the Wordsworth Bookshop in Penrith asked me to do a talk on Norman Nicholson and The Sun's Companion with some poetry thrown in.  There was wine and cupcakes in the interval - all in front of glowing log fire. Some author events in bookshops are very impersonal, but this was a very warm welcome from Andrea and Jon.  A lovely, friendly audience to talk to and I came away with the most beautiful bunch of flowers, having sold some books.  Thank you!


  1. Did you "wander lonely as a cloud" in Wordsworth Bookshop? Sadly these wonderful independents are sinking beneath the weight of Amazon and e-books and big bookstore chains. Long may the independents survive!

  2. A great endorsement of the unique contribution that independent bookshops make to literary lives. Flowers and a warm welcome -s ound like a wonderful night, wxx

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