Off to Trieste and Istria

My clothes never seem to be able to settle in the wardrobe long enough these days.  Just trying to cram them into a suitcase again because we're off to Trieste tomorrow morning early, in the car.  It's a fascinating city on the very north-eastern edge of Italy - literally at the border of four cultures - Italy, northern Europe, the East and the old Slavic empire.  The Austro Hungarians possessed it, and the Ottomans, and it's currently Italian.  Really looking forward to exploring it.
Waterfront - Trieste

And then it's off to Istria - now part of Croatia, but once ruled by the Venetians.  We're staying at a place called Rovinj, but aiming to explore a big chunk of the countryside (if the car gets that far!). This is all fact checking for a new book, but also a mini holiday.  Neil's just finished a sculpture and we have a few days free.  I don't know how much Wi-fi we'll get in rural Croatia but I'll try to post some pictures on the way.
Rovinj - centro storico


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