My local (Italian) library and a chunk of the Berlin Wall . . .

I'm trying to finish some short stories I've been working on for a while and having a problem with concentration (too many cups of coffee and Facebook visits!).  So I decided to spend at least two days a week working in the Pietrasanta library.  This is part of the wonderful Sant' Agostino church, which now acts as a venue for major art exhibitions.

The library is on the first floor above the cloisters - a quiet, well-lit and surprisingly modern space, perfect for writing.  I think I'm incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful place to work in.

On two sides of the first floor space, there's a small museum of sculpture, which you can wander round when you need a bit of inspiration.

In the cloisters underneath at the moment there's an exhibition featuring chunks of the Berlin Wall painted by European artists - much of it quite political, as you'd expect.

This is a small selection.

And, of course, I'm quite handy for the marble studios and can drop in on Neil, who also has work in progress, to take pictures of him covered in marble dust and looking rather like Coco the Clown!

It's good to be working near each other and we can pop into the bar together for a quick glass of wine at the end of the day.  I love Italy!!!


  1. Very beautiful writing space. I hope those short stories are now flowing thick and fast.

  2. Thanks guys! Working hard anyway. I know surroundings shouldn't matter that much, but somehow they do ....


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