Living on a Precipice

The road out of our village now ends in a precipice, as the landslide that took away the road carries on sliding to the bottom of the gorge.

What started out like this

now looks like this

Where the road was, there's now a cliff face of crumbling soil.  But work has started to solve the problem.  They've built us a temporary car park in a field, with a walkway to the village, and they've begun to stabilise what's left of the road by putting in concrete piles.  What they'll do about the gap isn't yet known.  It looks quite a challenge.  But the politicians of the commune have got to come up with a solution!

I've been doing a bit of escaping from the rain and the wind and the mud.  This is what afternoon tea looks like Italian style!  And it only cost me 2 euros 60 cents.  Thank you Dazzi Patisserie.


  1. Wow, amazing photos. Glad your afternoon tea is nowhere near that road.

  2. We all need rewards on hard days.The cream tea looks very rewarding. Will the broken road give you inspiration for a poem??wx

  3. Is the road a victim of the flooding in southern England?

  4. No Ben - this is Italy - Europe is being just as hard hit as the UK, but it's not getting so much news coverage.
    Wendy, I haven't thought about writing on it - but it will probably surface at some point! That mysterious incubation process . . .
    Michelle and Wendy - I'll offer you a virtual cuppa!


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