Wild Larkspur in the Olive Grove

I've not had time to put up a Tuesday Poem, but this beautiful wild flower is a poem in itself.  Normally the olive grove would be burnt to a crisp by now, but the amount of rain we've had and the very late summer mean that there's a lot of plants still in flower and everything is relatively green.  I found this vivid blue larkspur growing out of a wall in the olive grove.  It's tiny and the most exquisite blue colour.   Who needs garden centres when nature can do it for you?

If anyone would like to check out what the Tuesday Poets are doing and read this week's Tuesday Poems, please click on this link.


  1. "Larkspur"...even the name is poetic.

    Perhaps while we in the Antipodes suffer from Global Warming, you folk in the "green and pleasant land" might benefit from it.


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