Tuesday Poem: Hay Fever

This post is dedicated to all summer sufferers!  It's particularly bad in Italy at the moment, with the olive groves waist high in grass and wild flowers and the sweet chestnut trees still shedding pollen. Mustn't complain though - typing and crying at the same time @#*&~

A curse is on the summer;
fever in the flowering grass;
feathered Acacias white
with pollen.

The breeze blows red-eyed
and the sun brews a tisane
of tissues.  Pity
to wish for rain.

But I'm off to England tomorrow  - so better be careful what one wishes for!

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  1. We are baking in Mediterranean heat!

  2. love the brevity ...and yes you will need tissues!!

  3. Sweet lines, even if tearful. Love tisane of tissues...
    I have decided not to complain about the heat, remembering our cold spring. Now the house is warming up like a big storage heater for the cold autumn ...I hope. Are you in England? Can we meet? wx


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