Visiting Heathcliff

I've just been to England for a quick research trip on Norman Nicholson, and went to see my grand-daughters in a musical production of Footloose.  It was wonderful to see so many exuberant young people  giving up all their free time to sing and dance and produce a show to professional standards.  The Musical Youth Theatre is a fantastic organisation and takes children between 8 and 18.  There's such a lot of talent around!

And I also got to visit my beloved cat, Heathcliff.  He was fostered by a neighbour when I began spending so much time in Italy, but last year the neighbour moved and I had to find him a more permanent home.  Lots of tears shed!  But then my daughter offered to take him and the children were very keen, so Heathcliff became a city-dweller.  He's settled well, despite his age (he's coming up to 14), and tolerates no trespassers in the garden!  He also seems quite healthy, though he has a cataract in one eye now.  Lovely to spend time with them all, and the weather was hot enough to sit out in the garden until midnight.


  1. Aren't the energy levels of the young amazing?

    I had wondered what happened to Heathcliff when you posted about Batcat.

  2. Unfortunately we can't bring him out to Italy because of all the wild cats here - he would be made into mincemeat in five minutes. And our lease prohibits us having cats in the house. Sad. But he seems very happy without us. Cats are so fickle!

  3. Fickle he may be, but an incredibly handsome chap and very photogenic is Mr Heathcliff!


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