Three kittens in a laundry bowl

Taken today - ears up and fluffed out

The bat-kittens are two and a half weeks old now and growing rapidly.  They have their eyes open and when we go into the shed they peer over the edge of the shelf and squeak.  Their ferocious mother has taken to going on walk-about for some R and R every afternoon and only then do we get the opportunity to take them down and have a cuddle.  They are just beginning to realise they have legs, so their shelf-life is obviously limited!  Their ears are also beginning to unfold properly - the photos underneath were taken two days ago and there's a real difference between these and the one taken today.

This is our attempt to put them on a flat surface for photographic purposes.  There are two big bat-cat look-alikes, one definitely male (on the left) the other possibly.  The tiny tabby in the middle is a female and she's much smaller than the others.    Our attempts at photography ended in failure - they always end up in a heap!


  1. They are very sweet.
    Handling them in these first weeks seems to be the way to go if they are ever to be tame.

  2. Gorgeous :) Aren't they lucky to have such a doting mother.


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