Book-lovers in the Piazza

On the Duomo steps
 Yesterday was a day for book-lovers in Pietrasanta.  Volunteers were invited to read books aloud to whoever was passing by and their pitches were marked by a suitcase of reading material and a red balloon.  The books were all in Italian, ranging from classics such as Dante, to modern authors like Andrea Camillieri.
A fairy-tale for mother and daughter

 If we'd known about it in advance, we might have been able to rustle up a few volunteers for books in other languages, since there's such a large population of expats here.  But it was a lovely experience, though we didn't find anyone reading from a Kindle.

With hand gestures!


  1. What a refreshing event.
    Would a kindle be quite welcome at such an event?

  2. Fun! Sounds like an event to really make books come alive :)

  3. How wonderful! I love the reader with the hand gestures - am wondering what they were reading :)

  4. How delightful. I think reading aloud is on the way back. I know a few adults who do it for other adults.

  5. Just a lovely idea! I'd like to think we could do it here.

  6. Great idea! Was it the Italian version of World Book Day, do you think?

  7. Apparently it was an idea thought up by the proprietor of a small bookshop in Pietrasanta and he rounded up a group of volunteers and gave them the books. Maybe other bookshops could copy this because it was a great success - people loved being read to.


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