Kittens on a hot roof

The kittens are 5 weeks old today.   Last week they began to fall off the top shelf in the tool shed and Neil re-located them to ground level - a move that mum wasn't too happy with.  During the day Batcat moved them again herself and we tracked them down under the roof of our landlord's shed further down the olive grove.  The main roof is corrugated and overlaps another flat roof by about a foot - just enough space for a cat and kittens.
Spot the kitten!

It's an ideal location - the kits can play on the roof during the day and hide under the roof when necessary.

Mum is very protective.

The kittens are getting curious now - this one is almost off the roof.  He's the male of the trio.

Saved by Mum!  We're amazed how good a mother she is considering that she's a novice.


  1. Those kittens are very sweet.
    Are they becoming habituated to you and Neil or is Batcat's nervousness rubbing off?

  2. Ah, what sweet little things. Glad to see that Batcat is taking motherhood seriously, even if she does let her babies play on the roof!

  3. Adorable kitties! You could really see the relationship, between the mother and child. They are just adorable. Are those asphalt shingles? Those types of shingles are durable and very hard to tear. It also has the ability to slow the growth of moss on it.

    Galliena Gornet


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