Wild-Fire in the Trees

Yesterday we had a bit of a fright when a forest fire sprang up just a few hundred yards from our house, at the bottom of our neighbour's garden.  Just below Capezzano Monte, olive groves and clumps of pine and chestnut cover the hillside all the way down to the town of Pietrasanta.   Fire had broken out in the undergrowth - probably a spark from a bonfire of grass cuttings - and quickly leapt up into the trees.

Suddenly we felt very vulnerable, as the pine cones burst in the branches like hand grenades and bamboo exploded in the undergrowth.   But the fire brigade and the antincendio dei boschi arrived within about 20 minutes, ran a pump and hose down through the olive groves and soon got it under control.  Luckily there was no wind to fan it or carry it deeper into the gully. It has made us see how easy it is for these things to happen.   I was already calculating which of my possessions I was going to take with me when I ran from the house!  Hopefully, we will never have to.  Must take care with the barbecue!!


  1. Wow, pine cones bursting in the branches - explosions and fire -I can imagine how worrying if not downright scary this must have been. I think I'd give the barbecues a miss!

  2. How scary! Fire is probably the most frightening of all potential disasters.

    Most Bushies in Oz have a ready packed box of treasures such as photo albums ready for a quick retreat

  3. Yes, I think I'm going to have something to grab close at hand ready for next summer. The fire risk was supposed to be over this year. Just shows!
    Avril - the barbecues here are just too delicious to give up! Chargrilled pork or chicken is absolutely divine with fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil. I've already put on half a stone!


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