Not Saying Goodbye - First Glimpse

Just had the advance copy of the new poetry collection Not Saying Goodbye at Gate 21 put into my hands yesterday by Alex McMillen, the editor of Templar Poetry in the coffee shop at Manchester Art Gallery.  There's no feeling like seeing your book in print for the first time - however many you've published.  Smiled all the way back on the train! 

Templar Poetry are known for their unusual covers, so I was really interested to see what they'd do with the title and for a few moments couldn't work the image out, but then realised - Suitcase!

It's not out officially until the first week in November - launched at the Derwent Poetry Festival, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, 11th, 12th, 13th November. 

Lovely event at Manchester Literature Festival, good audience and very well organised event  - introduced by a very enthusiastic librarian - Libby.  It gives you hope when you find someone who really, really,  loves books.  Interested to discover that the libraries in Manchester operate an E-book lending system.  

I'm now in the archives at the John Rylands Library investigating a New Project!  Very exciting.  


  1. How wonderfully exciting!
    Well done you!

  2. I love the cover. Have been to Matlock Bath - a wonderful small place to have a poetry festival. All the best for the book launch.
    Christchurch libraries have an e-book lending system too. Very useful while many of the libraries are closed.

  3. Fabulous cover! Very original. I love it!Congratulations - you must be so pleased!!!

  4. Thanks everyone for your positive comments! Yes, it feels lovely. Can't wait for it to be out now.

    Interesting that Christchurch library are doing e-lends. Wish more libraries were.


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