Filming Rossetti

Just off to London to make a short film for the BBC on Christina Rossetti.  They want to feature her Christmas carol 'In the bleak midwinter' and the film will go out just before Christmas as part of the magazine programme 'The One Show'.  Apparently I'm to wander around the streets of London (and the Tate Gallery) discussing Christina with a celebrity!  I'm sure it will be great fun, but very nervous at the moment.  Being camera shy I don't feel comfortable in front of a TV camera.

The really nice thing is that the phone call about the programme came just as we were re-formatting my Rossetti biography  'Learning Not to be First', for Kindle - hopefully it will give it some publicity - a brilliant piece of luck!

Christina was one of the most fascinating people at the centre of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, and her poetry knocked spots off the poetry of her brother Dante Gabriel.  Apparently she was very good at art too, but girls didn't get any training in those days.  It makes you very glad to be a woman born in the 20th century.


  1. Wow!
    I hope your film makes its way down here someday.

    Hmmm, I look at my daughters and think that too. But you pretty much have to say in the First World too.

  2. Wonderful news! Hope you enjoy all the fuss, and congratulations on your biography's making it to Kindle! Rosetti is fascinating, and as you say, a much greater poet than her (perhaps even now?) more famous brother.

  3. Congrats on the Kindle edition of your Rosetti book, Kathleen - and a film?! Wonderful. Hope you will let us know where we can see it when the time comes? I agree with Melissa - Rosetti is fascinating; as poet and painter.


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