The Tuesday Poem: Carol Ann Duffy

Have just bought Carol Ann Duffy's latest collection 'The World's Wife' and really enjoying it as I prowl through, poem by poem.   This one made me laugh out loud on a day when I'm tearing around sorting, packing, cat to the vet, torrential rain,  a TODO list a mile long before I leave for Italy, paying bills, and definitely in need of a cheer-up!

Mrs Darwin

7th April 1852

Went to the Zoo.
I said to Him -
Something about that Chimpanzee over there reminds me of you.

Carol Ann Duffy

For more poetry please go to The Tuesday Poem blog.  It's our anniversary and we're celebrating by writing a collaborative poem on-line - two lines each over a series of days.


  1. Oh yes! Love love love Carol Ann Duffy. A friend is moving house and amongst other things I've inherited The World's Wife, what a fabulous collection. Chuckles galore. And how about her collection 'Love Poems' or 'Love' - can't remember which? It looks terrific too, we have it at the bookshop. Travel safely Kathleen. You are amazing the way you hold down two homes in two different countries. We have two places an-hour-and-a-half apart where my husband goes to tend olive trees and build stone walls, and that's discombobulating enough.

  2. It's beyond discombobulating Mary - I'm totally schizophrenic! Not just switching homes but switching languages as well. But at least I'm taking the Duffy with me - also her New and Selected Poems - a feast!

  3. o0h yes most! amusing and sharply apt

  4. That made me laugh. Thank you. Bon voyage to Italy.


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