April in Italy

Early morning from the terrace
So here I am back in Peralta, waking up to the mist lifting out of the valleys and a chorale of birdsong.  I'm hoping for enough peace and quiet to get some creative work done, free from the stress of  deadlines.  Definitely suffering from exhaustion of the spirit - if not of the body.  My mind feels completely wrung dry.

It is very beautiful here in spring - the wisteria is out and the white spirea, though the trees are still hung with winter-ripened oranges.  Time for a glass of wine on the terrace (medicinal!) and some sun-worship.  I am incredibly lucky to be here!

Wisteria on the tower


  1. Peralta always looks so beautiful. I am envious as always, especially as it is grey and wet here at the moment.
    Enjoy your time in your little Italian slice of paradise.

  2. Thanks Al! One of these days you will make it over here.


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