Happy Travelling!

Finally made it home, travelling Pisa to Glasgow and then three trains and a bus to our home town.  It took all day, but at least it's still possible by public transport.
You can tell the passengers who are travelling by Ryan Air - they're the ones wearing three jumpers and two coats, with shoes bulging from the pockets and a couple of books stuffed down their trousers.  You can't get away with baggage even a centimetre over-size now and anything that looks remotely heavy is weighed before you get on the plane.  Saw two distraught Italian girls sitting on the airport floor hysterically throwing away their clothes because neither had the money left to pay the 35 euros it costs to put your cabin baggage in the hold.
I found this card in New Zealand and it says it all.  Theyre created by Cecily Allison and you can find more about her on her website at http://www.cecily.co.nz/      I really like her sense of humour!

Now there's only the washing to do, and the garden is a foot high with weeds.  Back to work at the university on Monday. 


  1. Our airlines started this kind of rubbish a few years ago. When you first price a ticket you think 'oh that's cheap' then you add all the 'extras' and it inflates by three or four times.

  2. I don't have much sympathy for those who try to lug on overweight cabin bags, quite a few years back the NZ Symphony Orchestra's chief percussionist had his career ruined when an overweight cabin bag fell out of the overhead locker and smashed his wrist.
    You get what you pay for, but the last time we paid for a meal on Air NZ (Sydney to Christchurch) it was so minimal that we felt it really wasn't worth the $20 extra.

  3. Anyone who has endured Ryan Air under any circumstances must watch 'Fascinating Aida' do their wonderful "Cheap Flights" song.



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