Easter Markets

There are always markets in this area of Italy, particularly around easter.  This weekend we had a 'garden' market - where small gardens were created in the street with wood and plastic and lots of compost.   Some of them came complete with chickens!  It made me really long to have a garden of my own here to plant up.

You could also buy traditional craftwork too - this is an area where people still make things in the old ways.  This woman was doing what I think is called 'cut-work' - very complicated embroidery.  I suppose the fact that Italian television is virtually unwatchable does help these things to survive!

In the olive groves, the wild flowers are really beginning to get going here - I saw these small orchids beside the path.

And in the woods the anemone blanda are still flowering.

Now to get back to my Italian homework - I've an assignment to hand in for my course by tomorrow.  There are too many distractions, not to mention the Work In Progress!


  1. oh how beautiful - i really miss italy - must apply for bogliasco again

  2. gorgeous flowers!

    What a lovely idea for a market!

  3. Ah, lovely flowers!

    But more importantly - many congratulations on the poetry prize - that's wonderful! Look forward to reading the collection


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