Flood Repair Work Begins - the messy stage

If you're wondering why I've been so quiet here recently, perhaps these photos will explain.  Flood repair work is ongoing - the electricians have finished tearing out the walls, floors and ceilings and now the Boys have moved in to build and decorate.   I live with a cement mixer on the doorstep. On the outside wall behind it, you can see the green mould from the flood water.  We still haven't dried out and on December 5th it will be a year since the flood changed all our lives here.

Inside the front door I wade through a builders's yard of  rescued furniture, materials, rubbish and tools. Partition walls, wrecked by the water, have yet to be taken out.

The Mill Gallery has been turned into a workshop.

Inside our little cottage the floor, at least is done, though kitchen worksurfaces and shelving, windows and doors have yet to be restored.  As much as possible is going to be high up on the walls.

Upstairs the ravages of damp, mould, and the re-wiring, are being repaired.  This is my wonderful son-in-law, Ian, who has come to help.  Way to go yet, but at least it's begun!


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