William and Kate in Haida Gwaii

The abandoned villages of Haida Gwaii
The latest members of the Royal Family to visit a former colony are William and Kate, with their children in tow.  Having been to British Columbia myself just over a year ago, I do wonder how people feel about representatives of the very foreign power that dispossessed and then oppressed them, swanning in as glitzy celebrities.  The 'cultural genocide' that occurred is still too recent and too raw to be swept under the red carpet.

The royal couple are planning to visit Haida Gwaii and paddle a canoe at Skidegate, where they will be presented with a Haida paddle, specially commissioned from Haida artist Yaahl `Aadaa. I wonder if they will even begin to comprehend the special significance of the gift.  The paddle symbolises working together for a common aim.  The paddle also symbolizes the relationship and responsibilities of governments to First Nation people.  The British don't have a very good record on that, so far.

If you want to read the story of what happened in British Columbia and get a glimpse of the spectacular beauty of the country, perhaps you'd like to read 'Travelling to the Edge of the World', which can be ordered from Amazon or through Igram or i-Books. It was a life-changing experience for me, but I doubt that William and Kate will be allowed any real contact with either the people or the environment.

Travelling to the Edge of the World, with full colour photographs, is £10.95  (paperback) bought from the Book Depository, (via amazon), £3.99 on Kindle, and £18.99 as an amazon paperback.  In the USA and Canada it's available from Ingram, Nook and Barnes and Noble, as well as the i-Book platform.


  1. Hi Kathleen, a friend has just today sent me a copy of your book "Travelling to the Edge of the World" - I'm finding it hard to put down. Your words are resonant of my feelings towards this special place, I want to visit! I adore the First Nations Art, have a large carved wooden eagle hanging up in my snug, from a previous visit to West Vancouver where I have several relatives. I'm planning a trip to Haida Gwaii, feels somehow important to do and on my list for next year, when I turn 70. Thank you for writing this book... Margot


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