Leaving on a Jet Plane . . . .

My luggage is not as beautiful as this painted leather case by Yuval Yairi
 So, here I go, off on another adventure.   Heading for New Zealand via Munich and Singapore and a giant size dose of jet-lag!  Everything here is in chaos.  Trying to remember to turn off electricity, gas, water, clean the kitchen before my neighbour has a panic attack when she comes in to water the plants,  catch up with urgent emails, pay bills, and anything else that might need to be dealt with before I come back in October.
This looks a very useful kind of suitcase - right balance between clothes and wine.
I will be in regular touch via blog and Facebook and - fingers crossed my disaster-prone doppelganger will stay at home!
But regret my luggage is more likely to resemble this! 
It will be early spring in NZ, rather than the Indian summer of early autumn we have here.  A complete reverse of time and season.  Must go now though - this monster is waiting for me in Manchester.


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