Masters of the Pacific Coast - the BBC travels to the Edge of the World

The BBC are finally devoting 2 programmes to the First Nation people of the northernmost coastline of British Columbia and Alaska, including Haida Gwaii.  Dr Jago Cooper is the narrator for Masters of the Pacific Coast, the first of 2 programmes beginning on Wednesday 28th July at 9pm (British Summer Time).  Worth watching, I hope.  (And if you're really interested you could just read my book which is now out in paperback!)

You can get it new in paperback for as little as £9.83 via Amazon.
Kindle edition £3.99


  1. Ciao kathy, just downloaded this book, looks fascinating, what a great traveller you are. Obviously I'll post a review as soon as I finish it! xx

    1. Thanks so much, June! And sorry about Farty Barty - it's always so sad to lose a life companion - especially one with so much character. Hope the new house is working out well.


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