Italy at last!

So, now I've landed back in Italy and been reunited with my Man and looking forward to some much needed R & R after so much travelling. Ironically, I've been laid low by a tummy bug - the first since I left England 5 weeks ago and I've been half way round the world, so count myself lucky.  

Neil's been busy while I've been away with three new pieces of sculpture to show;  one just a gesso, one finished marble piece and one in progress.

This one's called 'Family Group' and definitely my favourite.

This one's now finished - carved in marble and looks fantastic. 

Still in progress

Here in Italy the news is all about immigration. Everyone is discussing it, which isn't surprising, as the results of the crisis are visible on every Italian street. The casualties of economic chaos, famine and war wash up in their thousands on Italy's shores every week, and Matteo Renzi is right to talk tough to other European leaders - this is everyone's problem and wealthy countries can't just close their doors and carry on partying.

When I was in New Zealand last year, there was a great bit of graffiti on the wall of a compost toilet out in the back blocks. "One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich."  Be afraid, Cameron, Merkel et al.  Be very afraid!



  1. Bentornato bella donna
    Well done on your travels and I look forward to reading the resulting books. Your man is hugely talented, I love the rounded smooth lines.
    Amore June x

    1. Hi June - I'm just sorry I got back too late to come to your party - missed again! But one of these days, I'm sure we'll get to meet. Hope you're enjoying the summer heat. xx


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