To Cut a Long Story - New Short Fiction Site for Authors

A little while ago I was contacted by a group of people developing a website that was going to be dedicated to the Short Story.  This is a form of writing that I love but, over the past couple of decades, outlets for short fiction have shrunk and, because it's not particularly commercial, it has been neglected by the big publishers.   Cut a Long Story has been created with the support of the UK Arts Council and an organisation called NAWE - the National Association of Writers in Education - so it has a very good pedigree, since both organisations are dedicated to supporting the creative arts.

The site is now up and running and show-cases short stories by a wide variety of authors - some new, some established.  Salt author Sarah Salway is there, Alwyn Marriage, Elizabeth Stott, Tania Hershman, the fabulous Jane Rogers (Mr Wroe's Virgins), thriller writer Philip Caveney, OU creative writing professor Derek Neale, and exciting new blood like Akeem Balogun.

To Cut a Long Story will sell your stories for you, e-published as individual books, and they pay you 50% of the proceeds.  Submission is easy - you register with them, providing all your details.  Once your registration has been approved you can upload your stories, in a plain Word file, accompanied by an image that you would like to see on the cover.  You can choose the background colour for the image, but the format of the cover is standardised for the site.  This is one of mine - the cover pic for 'The Absence of Henry Swail'

What's not to like?  Come on!  Get submitting!


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