Gorgeous Girls and Wicked Women: Out of the Box!

Hooray! Today's the day we're officially on sale and we can see how our big experiment is going to work. Can 7 unconventional women with 7 books about stroppy, unconventional heroines (sorry folks - Protagonists)  really make a splash by getting together rather than going it alone?  It's an interesting mix and the books are as individual as their authors.

This is the line-up  Left to Right

Orna Ross, from Ireland, whose novels After the Rising and Before the Fall were published by Penguin before she went Independent.  She's the founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors and described by the Bookseller as one of the most important people in publishing today. Her novel Blue Mercy is in the box, beautifully written, emotionally searching.  Orna writes about 'identity, family loyalty, truth, sex and death, and the struggle between freedom and belonging'.

- Joni Rodgers - best-selling New York Times author of Bald in the Land of Big Hair and The Hurricane Lover. Joni contributed Crazy for Trying, (which could be our strapline) but is a novel about a young girl in full flight from her unsatisfactory background.  Joni says 'I wanted to make people laugh and remind them of the healing power of love.'

Roz Morris - author of My Memories of a Future Life, whose previous novels graced the best-seller bookshelves in WH Smith under other people's names and sold  millions for celebrities who didn't need the money. Roz also tutors would-be authors on the Guardian writing courses and wrote the best-selling Nail Your Novel guides.

And in the middle there's me - literary lunatic and word junkie who simply doesn't know how to stop writing! 

Next there's Jane Davis, whose debut novel, Half Truths & White Lies, published by Black Swan, won the Daily Mail First Novel Award.  Jane has a new novel out this week, The Unknown Woman, but her contribution  to the Box is An Unchoreographed Life - the controversial story of a dancer who turned to prostitution to support herself and her daughter.

Carol Cooper - a London GP and medical author who thinks doctors make good writers because they're trained to observe. One Night at the Jacaranda lifts the lid on speed-dating and mid-life crises.

And far right there's Jessica Bell - an Australian living in Greece, who is a musician, graphic designer and poet as well as editor of the Vine Leaves Literary Journal. She's the one who had the idea of putting us all together.  Jessica's fiction is as sharp and stylish as herself.  In White Lady Sonia, wife of a Melbourne drug lord 'yearns for sharp objects and blood' but is trying to kick the habit and become a conventional mother.

Tempted?  You get all 7 of us for the price of one paperback.  And it's a limited edition.  Get it while you still can!

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