Started early - took the car ....

It's time for the annual trek back to Britain through Europe so that our English car can get an MOT and be in the UK for the one week a year demanded by our insurer.  You would think that the European Union would be able to standardise such things as MOTs wouldn't you?  In Europe a car is certificated for two years before having another check, but in England it has to be done every year and they don't recognise MOTs done in any other European country.  Crazy!

So, tonight was the last night in the Piazza for a while and tomorrow the alarm clock has been set for an 'extra presto' time to begin the long drive north.  Planning to stop somewhere in southern France the first night and then make for Lille to visit the museum of modern art there before diving under the Channel Tunnel.   Possibly Cumbria by Sunday afternoon. We're not planning to break any records!  Our car is getting quite elderly and needs nurturing.  No internet for three or four days probably, as we're staying in cheap motels, but hopefully back on line on Sunday. Fingers crossed for traffic and weather and the car!


  1. Drive carefully!
    Oz as a federal nation has entirely different registration requirements in every state and territory.

    NSW where we live is about the toughest with an annual "pink slip" roadworthy inspection. Others like Victoria only require a "road worthy certificate" when a vehicle changes hands.


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