Autumn Leave-taking

It's time to leave and drive back down across Europe.  We're taking it slowly, so it may take a few days to cross France and Switzerland and then make our way down through Italy.    Neil's sculpture is now properly installed in its new home in a garden opposite John Clare's cottage and the car has been given a clean bill of health for another year.

Hard to leave home when the trees have just begun to burn on the river bank, but we have to get back to Italy before I fly off to New Zealand next weekend.  I feel like a migratory bird, taking wing across continents, following the swallows south.

Nice news before I go though - just been emailed to say that Ink Sweat and Tears are featuring one of my poems 'Remembering the Trees', next week (Oct 2nd) for National Poetry Day, and Flash Fiction Magazine have accepted one of my short shorts (3 sentences!) for October 9th.  Yay!!!  Makes me feel better about being rejected by Bare Fiction.


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