A Book - and a Journey

I'm off again - this time to England for some events connected with Norman Nicholson.  The clothes are so well-trained they climb into the suitcase by themselves these days.  Sometimes they can't be bothered to get out at the other end!

But I'm feeling cheerful because my new novel The Centauress appeared on Amazon yesterday and is already in the top 50 in literary fiction.  No idea why - I put it on Facebook and Tweeted a couple of times - haven't the resources, or the time, to do much publicity.  Feel like hugging everyone who bought it!   Neil designed a beautiful cover, using detail from a painting in the Brooklyn Museum, New York by an American/French painter called John La Farge.

It was difficult to condense the plot to a coherent 'blurb' for the cover - quite a lot had to be left out, but this is how it reads:

'Bereaved biographer Alex Forbes goes to war-ravaged Croatia to research the life of celebrity artist Zenobia de Braganza and finds herself at the centre of a family conflict over a disputed inheritance. At the Kaštela Visoko Alex uncovers a mutilated photograph, stolen letters and a story of indeterminate gender, passion and betrayal. But can she believe what she is being told? In order to discover the truth about Zenobia, Alex travels to Istria, Venice, New York and London and, in working through the narrative of Zenobia’s life, Alex begins to make sense of her own and finds joy and love in a new relationship.' 

The Centauress  Amazon.co.uk

The Centauress Amazon.com


  1. Congratulations, Kathleen! The book cover is beautiful and I am fascinated by your blurb / topic. Will look forward to reading this... And also sharing it around!

    1. Many thanks Michelle - and thanks for sharing!

  2. How exciting!

    I have just downloaded it!


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