A few hours later ..........

A few more hours of torrential rain and the road has continued its progress down into the gorge taking the electricity cables with it.  Power now back on.  The road is going to take much longer.

The dog is big boxer, so gives some idea of the height of the drop.

The trees on the left were once several feet higher up the gorge!
So glad this didn't happen while I was driving over it yesterday morning.  The only way into the village is now by foot through a muddy wood.  


  1. Hi Kathleen- thank you for writing to me about KM some months ago- I can't find our previous correspondence- but I remember I congratulated you on your great Mansfield biography. I wanted to ask you two quick things- the first is about a KM exhibition of her personal things- I have a black colored book filled with personal items, information about her will, the shawl, brooches, journals, and so on. I gather it was all from an exhibition, and I was wondering if you know whether or not it will be repeated somewhere. I also wanted to ask you if the new book called 'circulating genius' is worth buying. I have bought the Edinburgh Univ Press collected stories editions.
    I'm sorry if this note is a bit jumbled- I am lying in bed sick, with shingles, and have no appetite for much of anything, other than trawling like this. I enjoy your blog- I think I have mentioned mine to you- www.justafalsealarm.blogspot.com.au, where I reviewed your book just after it came out.
    When does one get sicking of researching and reading about people like Lawrence and KM? I feel sad that the book she bequeathed Lawrence in her will didn't even reach him.
    Take care, Darren.

  2. Hi Darren - sorry you're sick - shingles is a pig. The book from the exhibition of KM's personal things was held at the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Trust in Wellington, New Zealand. I don't think they're likely to repeat it for a while, but you never know. The Katherine Mansfield Society are pretty clued up on everything Mansfield that's going on and they have a good web page with lots of info free. http://www.katherinemansfieldsociety.org/
    I can recommend 'Circulating Genius' - it's very good on Lawrence Mansfield and Murry and their connections.
    Your blog is a good window on life in Oz for us brits!!
    best wishes for a quick recovery.

    1. Thanks Kathleen- I will let you know what I think when i read it. I must get to Wellington this year. And I should join the society, as well. I will keep and eye on your blog and your other books. It's good to know that other people enjoy literary pilgrimages. I never did get to Menton, or Bandol, or Vence when I was in France, but did find the grave at Fontanbleau. All the best again, Darren.

  3. What a pain!
    The heaviest rain I ever experienced was here on our hill.
    We are fairly used to torrential rain here (not this year though).
    In summer with the heavy rain there are often slips on Dorrigo mountain. Not the road falling down the mountain, but the mountain coming down on the road. The engineers who built the road in the 1920s must have picked the right spot for it.
    If it happens now I will have to miss a few days work!


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