A Family Visit

It's summer holiday time, and I'm in England visiting my children and grandchildren.  The weather is the usual English summer mix of grey cloud, rain and occasional sun.  But this doesn't deter us from pretending it's the Medterranean and stubbornly doing everything outdoors!  

This is a traditional English afternoon tea, served in a borrowed gazebo in someone's backgarden, for a 'baby shower' party.   And this is the lucky girl opening her presents!

The only person missing is Papa, who is still in Cuba because the British immigration service have refused his application for a family visit visa.  They don't have to give reasons, but we suspect they worry that he might 'overstay' (why would anyone want to go back to Cuba after sampling the delights of the UK?).  There is also no appeal procedure.  So we have to put in another application, which will take months . . . .   It's so unfair.  If they're so worried about people overstaying, why can't they just police the visas?  Grrrrr.........


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