The Edinburgh E-book Festival - Creative Writing - It's Virtual and it's Free!

Monday 12th of August is the beginning of an experiment!  We're running the first interactive creative writing course from the Edinburgh E-book Festival website.  The E-book Festival is the brain-child of Cally Phillips, designed to run alongside the Other Festival. The E-festival is FREE, fully accessible because it's delivered via the computer, and has some very interesting events.  There are crime writers, novelists and poets writing about what they do and sharing some trade secrets;  there are book give-aways from a virtual Goody Bag and lots of other things! 

I volunteered to run the Life-writing course as part of the festival because it sounded a really fun thing to do and I'm interested in developing on-line courses.  I used to tutor the Open University's on-line creative writing modules and I realised that there's a need for people to have access to courses that aren't geographically based and that are affordable.  You can't get more affordable than FREE!  I've called the course 'Other People's Lives' and it's a taster.  There are 7 workshops on different aspects of using life experience to create non-fiction, fiction, or poetry, and lots of handouts and materials.  I'm also giving away a free book - an anthology of prose and poetry that includes short fiction, memoir, biography and an essay on the 'Invisible Boundaries' between non-fiction and fiction.  Anyone can download the materials, but the first 12 people to sign up can submit the exercises and get feedback.

If you're interested, or know anyone who is, the link is Edinburgh E-book Festival and the Life-writing course will appear like magic on the toolbar at 4pm tomorrow.   The Goody Bag is open for everyone - so if you fancy some free reading matter, pop your virtual hand in and see what's there!

PS - the Anthology includes the first glimpse of the Norman Nicholson biography I'm working on and an excerpt from a new novel, The Centauress,  which should see the light of day in September.


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