Wildfires in New Zealand

Video Link:  http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/8165654/Worry-over-Canterbury-blaze

It isn't just Australia where the landscape is burning up in the extreme heat - normally temperate south island New Zealand is being barbecued too.   My daughter lives at Prebbleton, just outside Christ Church (having moved to a 'safer' place after the earthquakes) and was evacuated from her home yesterday with no warning.  The police came to the door and they had to leave immediately and had to abandon the cow and her calf and the cat with no time to spare.   Within 40 minutes the wildfire had changed from a wisp of smoke on the horizon

to a raging inferno with flames 65 feet high tearing across the landscape driven by strong winds.

 Four families in Prebbleton tragically lost their homes and livelihoods as it swept through.

 My daughter was one of the lucky ones - the blaze was halted at a road less than half a mile from her house.

They were allowed back today, but the area is still blistering in temperatures above 30 degrees and there's a constant firewatch as the grass is tinder dry.

I feel deeply sorry for the families who lost so much in a matter of minutes and, as a mum, am still worrying about my daughter and her little family.

In a week's time Neil and I will be on our way to Christ Church and - since the last time I was there I was shaken to the bone by a major earthquake - I'm really hoping not to witness any more of nature's wildside this time! 


  1. I had no idea about this - how dreadful. This time last year I was biking the rail trail in that area; I hate to think of the devastation to lives and hopes just a year later.

  2. How frightening!
    Your daughter must be beginning to think NZ holds a curse for her.

    Enjoy your trip to Kiwiland. Fingers crossed on the disaster front!


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