It's definitely New Zealand

Could it be anywhere else?  This country is just so beautiful - it always knocks me out.    I'm typing this looking out of the window at a golden field of barley rippling away across the plain to a deep blue evening sky with a full moon suspended just above the horizon.  A few moments ago a large Marsh Harrier was sweeping the field for supper.  To the right, the port hills rise, rather like the Lake District fells - a russet colour, just catching the last glow of the sunset.  I've played with my grandchildren, met Bounce the cow and drank more than I should have of NZ white wine. Bliss.  Yesterday we were on the beach, walking along a very wild stretch of  coast with a strong wind blowing.

 We started out on Monday in a sodden Pietrasanta after 36 hours of torrential rain.  The railway station was flooded and to get to our platform we had to climb through a metal fence, throwing our suitcases over the top!
Flooded Station at Pietrasanta

Northern Italy was covered in snow - very alpine, and shiveringly cold.

From the train near Turin
On Wednesday evening, after long delays (snow in Milan, fog in Dubai, chaos in Bangkok) we finally made New Zealand - late, jet-lagged, filthy after three days in the same clothes - but very, very glad to be there.  Now, body and soul have just about re-connected after a quiet day at Akaroa, looking at the sea.   I didn't know how tired I was, mentally and physically, until I got here.



  1. What a journey, Kathleen - welcome back!

  2. Thanks Claire - it's lovely to be here.

  3. pleased to hear you arrived safely down under!

  4. This blog post seems like a great contented sigh - enjoy the beauty of NZ, Kathleen! (am feeling very jealous looking at that last photograph :))

  5. Welcome and nice to have you here! :-)


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