Three Countries in One Day

Breakfast in Italy, lunch in Poland, dinner in Slovakia - it sounds like an entry from Rebekah Brooks' diary!  But she flits about in a private jet, while we have to make do with Ryan Air.  The challenge of  packing one's hand luggage is of Olympian proportions, with room only for a change of underwear and a lap top - having to decide between a fancy pair of shoes or a book.  I made it, but only just, and minus the shoes. 
Cracow centre

We drove up to Milan in the early hours of the morning and flew Ryan Air to Cracow.  Bit of a shock to find the temperature at 15 degrees, windy and damp!   We just had time to take the shuttle train into town for lunch.  Neil and I both ordered something in Polish (of which we understand not a word) and enough pork and pickled cabbage arrived to feed a small third world country.  Incredibly cheap, but it was not a sight for vegetarians!  From the menu and the amount of meat and beer being consumed around us, I'm amazed there's a single Polish male still alive over the age of 54. My cholesterol doubled just looking at it.  Unfortunately the photos came out blurred (camera jetlag?).

We avoided the secret services,

and just had time to have a quick peek inside St Marys, at the beautiful and gigantic medieval altar screen carved by Veit Stoss, before heading back to the airport to pick up the coach over the border into Slovakia.

This was a three hour trip through the Tetra mountains (photo courtesy of Polish tourism) to Ruzomberok, 1500 feet up in the air, surrounded by hills and pine forests.  It was very dark by the time we arrived. We're staying in a ski lodge (a bit like a big youth hostel for grown ups) in the middle of a spooky wood that would be perfect for the setting of a Dracula movie.  Arrived too late for dinner, so had to make do with crisps, a sticky chocolate and honey cake, wine and beer, which was all that was behind the counter at reception.   Delegates from almost every country you can mention - America, New Zealand, Poland, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Ireland, Japan - we're a fantastic mixture.   This is going to be fun!


  1. Above all, in seeing what you see and do, I applaud your sheer creative energy, wx

  2. I loved Krakow when I visited it in the 1980s... way before the Wall came down and everything opened up. I bet it is gorgeous today... what wonderful travels you have. Even with the challenges of Ryan Air!

  3. You have the most amazing ability to make me green with envy!

  4. You are both true travellers - have fun!


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