And then there was only one .........

Sadly today I took the two biggest kittens - the black and white brother and sister - down to Pietrasanta market to be re-homed by a charity called Nati Liberi (Born Wild).  They have a stall in the market and exhibit kittens in baskets for people willing to give them a home.   Six weeks is far too early to part a kitten from its mother, though both were also eating solid food heartily.  But I was told that organisations that take in wild kittens to be domesticated like to have them at this age because apparently, after that, the mother teaches them to avoid humans and it's almost impossible to tame them.  I'd already noticed, in the last few days, a tendency to run away from me, even at feeding time.
Breakfast for four

But it felt terrible, enticing them  indoors with a saucer of food and then popping them into a cat carrier, out of sight of their mother, and sneaking them off through the olive grove to the car.  At least we've left Batcat with one kitten - the smallest of the three, who isn't eating properly yet.  She's also the tamest and hopefully we can still rehome her in the next couple of weeks.  Then, with the help of this wonderful organisation, we hope to be able to sterilise the Batcat so that there are no more unwanted kittens to add to the flock of feral cats out in the woods.
Kitten in the Hi-Fi!
 It's been lovely having the kittens though.  It was great fun watching them using my furniture as a playground.  And hopefully they'll be going to a loving home.

Setting an ambush
Ambush foiled!


  1. At six weeks as long as they were on solids they will be ok.
    It does feel terrible having to be an Ogre even if it is for the right reasons.

  2. It felt so cruel! But it is the right thing to do.


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