Tuesday Poem - Ant Watching

Oh, who
can get into
the mind of ants?

their lines

a perrssshhhhh
of aerosol
destroys them all.

Oh, who
wants to
think like a man?

© Kathleen Jones

After two weeks of traveling and struggling with non-existent internet, I've finally managed to arrive back in England and try to put together a Tuesday Poem.  This is just a scribble - watching ants climbing up the tower wall at Peralta!  They're so purposeful and dedicated, it seems a shame to get out the ant-killer.

Thinking tonight of everyone in Christchurch - have been exchanging texts with my daughter on the train on the way up from London.  She was at the doctors with the boys when the latest group of quakes struck and they all went under the desk.  She has recently moved out of Christchurch to Prebbleton which is not quite so shaky, but still comes into the city for shopping, schools etc.  It seems the ground isn't going to settle down quickly and my heart goes out to everyone over there who's having to endure months of fear and uncertainty.  Apparently more than 50,000 people have left the city already and I do wonder what is going to happen.  It is one of my favourite places.


  1. Nice. I liked the way it wasn't just the ants that were incomprehensible. :)

  2. Thank goodness your family are safe.

    I love ants (along with most other wildlife)

    In the dryer parts of Oz there are these amazing ones called 'meat ants'. About half an inch long, they live in massive nests up to two or three metres across. In some places they tend to all set out in the same direction and they wear paths just from walking.
    In a few places I have seen up to five colonies hundreds of metres apart linked by ant highways. Thousands of ants hurrying back and forth in purposeful streams.
    In the most extreme case these highways were grooves in the ground about four inches wide and about two deep. Imagine how many ant feet it would take to cut grooves like that!

    You have clearly caught me in a rambling mood tonight!

  3. I like your ant poem.
    It seems the main locus of the shakes is moving east so your daughter will definitely find Prebbleton is not so shaky. I do feel for the people who are digging silt from their properties for the fourth time, and who can't move until their insurance is settled. Or those without running water again. The power is mostly on now, ours was only out for three hours this time. It should all settle down in time but it seems it is not going to be quick.


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