Disconnected from the Internet

Have had no internet access since last weekend - and still don't, so this is a very quick post on dial-up to reassure people that I'm still alive!  What has happened to the line we don't know (some very bad weather recently) but I hope to have normal service restored as soon as possible (several more irate conversations with call centres later probably).

Meanwhile the Appleby Horse Fair is about to start and the Mill has become a gypsy encampment. 

Some beautiful horses and traditional caravans.

Meanwhile I'm going to miss it this year, as I'm just off to Italy for the annual Peralta creative writing course.  Plus a much needed dose of sunshine and decent wine!


  1. Wow! is it already a year since the last horse fair?
    I don't believe it.

  2. I know - doesn't time go quickly!


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