Sorry no Tuesday Poem again.

I was just about to post a Tuesday Poem when news began to come in of the Christchurch earthquake. I have spent the last few hours trying to find out if my daughter, her husband and two little grandchildren were safe. She lives in the centre of Christchurch and the timing was such that I knew she would have collected little Jack from nursery school and might have been shopping, or going to Sumner Beach (which has been devastated by rockfalls).
Thankfully, although not able to speak to her, we've had a message that they are safe and unhurt, though living in a tent at the moment.
I can't describe my feelings when I watch the news footage - the horror that all those people are living through. September was bad enough, but we all lived through it. This time is different.
To everyone in Christchurch - and I know there are Tuesday Poem members living there - we hope you are safe and are thinking of you constantly.

I will try to post the poem tomorrow.
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  1. Best wishes. I know that we are all worried about our friends in Christchurch - but it must be so harrowing for you to have family there - congratulations on finding them safe and well.

  2. I thought of your family as soon as I heard the news, Kathleen, so I am relieved to hear that you have had news of them. Devastating to have another earthquake so soon after the September one.

  3. So very relieved to hear your family are well, Kathleen. I remember what you went through last year and this is so much worse. It will be hard for for your daughter and her little family away from home in a tent with water supplies short. I do hope they can get home soon. Poor Christchurch.

  4. Thanks for posting the update, Katherine - I'm glad to hear that your family are safe.

  5. Thanks for the update Kathleen.
    The news just seems worse and worse from Christchurch so it is a heartfelt relief your family members are safe.

  6. Thanks everyone. Oddly, there's a little bit of guilt associated with being glad that your own family are safe when so many are not.


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